From the fresh outside air to the wonderful warmth inside. In the evening you can enjoy a warm chocolate milk by the fireplace, the sound of the crackling wood fire and the warm plaids on the couch. Winter involves warm, soft fabrics and materials; beautiful wool, combed cotton and delicate baby velvet. The colour palette contains beautiful shades of grey and cream. Experience the ultimate winter feeling with this beautiful, cosy and warm winter collection.

Christmas tree decoration

Happy Star Ornament silver Dia 10

€ 11.95

Rustic Rattan Rocking Horse Ornament

€ 15.95

Sparkling Christmas Ornament Dia 8

€ 9.95

Rustic Rattan Christmas Present M

€ 17.95

Classic Heart Ornament

€ 17.95

Happy Holiday Mercury

Ornament silver 4 pcs € 27.95