Christmas is the perfect time to pack a lot of presents, good food and fun, but also to create the ultimate Christmas table! A beautifully set table creates a festive atmosphere at the most beautiful time of the year. Moreover, all those tasty dishes come into their own just a little better on a tastefully decorated Christmas table. So pull out the best crockery, the most beautiful cutlery from the drawer and go for a suitable table runner. Finish it off with the most beautiful gold accessories as real eye-catchers. So you can dine together for a long time and enjoy all the beauty!

Classic RM Cutlery soft gold 4 pcs

€ 42.95

Sparkling Christmas Plate Dia 28

€ 27.95

Marylebone Cake Stand gold XL

€ 59.95

Lisbon 2 Glasses Hurricane

€ 47.95

The Most Wonderful Time Chopping Board

€ 59.95

RM Glamour Wine Glass

€ 17.95

Traditional Christmas

Never change a winning team! Red and green are the most classic Christmas colours. This traditional Christmas table with modern twist brings back the nostalgic feeling. A quiet base is half the work, because apart from the fact that a white tablecloth or carpet has a luxurious appearance, it makes all those red and green details stand out even better!

Rustic Table

It doesn’t all have to shine on the table of course. Are you more of a lover of natural materials and a bit of a rustic look? Go for a quiet colour palette, like white with silver. Then choose a decoration that matches this theme to get a consistent look on the table. Add some branches and some green. A subdued and subtle Christmas table with tasteful and minimalist details.


Lovers of a tough interior; eat your heart out! Tough dining in industrial Christmas scenes, that’s for sure. By using black and brown tones and modest Christmas decorations, you can transform your table into an industrial, attractive Christmas table with a cool edge. Perfect for a casual dinner!