You probably already know the wildly popular Kendall Sofa from previous collections. This season, we’re bringing it back in a superb new colour: Golden Beige. The velvet sofa bank in this rich colour adds an instant warm feeling to your living area: a golden summer glow!


In 1989, I walked into Rivièra Florists on the Maasstraat in Amsterdam. Then the epicentre of good taste as far as flower bouquets went. Along with the Heinekens and a few royals as customers, I felt very much in a good place. Together with Henk, I worked hard to create a total experience instead of only flowers. Don’t get me wrong, I really love flowers and bouquets, but every time that you make something beautiful for a customer – whether a bride’s bouquet or

hall decoration – it’s only beautiful for a short time. The real satisfaction comes

with advising a customer, or guiding them through the furnishing of a home.

Furniture rapidly followed! Chairs that we had made in the Far East, and that

was really far with no Facebook, telephone and other means of online communication! Certainly when you were a month away from home. But we really needed that period, so we could offer the cabinets and chairs that we couldn’t find anywhere else.

Many shops and dealers later, we can truly say that the Rivièra Maison style has become a concept. More than 600 points

of sale world-wide, with stores from Germany to Korea: how great is that!

And of course a succession of highlights: TV recordings, Royal visits at the Garden fair, weekly items in a TV morning show, workshops with magazine readers, countless B2B projects and perhaps even more interior make-overs. This year we introduced the Gold Label, yet another crowning achievement for our work. From design to choice of material, each and every one are

exceptional luxury items that we are really proud of.

And now we are three decades further! After giving out tips and tricks for more than 30 years, I’m doing a book that will contain all

those interior tips. 30 years’ experience, on just one book! I just can’t wait to share this with you. Stay tuned...


The exclusive Gold Label* of Rivièra Maison is made for those who love that luxury hotel look. Create the atmosphere of a chic lobby in the heart of Paris, where no detail has escaped attention, in your home! Gleaming eye catchers of gold, silver and marble enrich your interior. The elegant Gold Label collection includes incredibly beautiful mirrors, clocks, shelving units, coffee tables, and more.