We know her as presenter, TV chef, mother, power woman, cheesecake lover and now she’s to be seen in the Dutch tv show ‘Wie is de Mol?’. Miljuschka Witzenhausen is an energy powerhouse and last year, together with Philip, her business partner, video producer, and, above all, great love, she bought a fantastic farm! After months of renovation, it was finally time for the furnishing ... and Rivièra Maison was happy to be of help. The end result is pretty impressive, and hence this intimate peek inside.

Stepping inside the magnificent farmhouse, we were welcomed from the kitchen where Miljuschka was just whipping up a

no-bake cheesecake in four glasses. “Make yourselves at home! And have a chocolate chip cookie with the coffee, just fresh out the oven,” she called. Her answer to the question of why she fell in love with this house: “Well, we had seen 44 houses before this one. Despite it being above our budget, we went to see it out of a kind

of desperation. And when we came here into the living room, with all those beams and that height, it was just love at first sight.”

It was a long journey to renovate everything to achieve their ultimate dream home and there were the inevitable setbacks. “We stripped absolutely everything out and then rebuilt. My current kitchen was once an old stable with a roof completely timbered up. When we tackled that, we discovered that the plumbing was not good, and so that had to be totally renewed. It was ten long months!” Her favourite spot is nestling in front of the open fireplace in the living room, but she’s also completely in love with her

bedroom. “And I’m really overjoyed with my kitchen!”

Miljuschka chose much of her furniture from Rivièra Maison. “I actually grew up with Rivièra Maison. My aunts and my grandma had lots of pieces. If you ask me, it was the first Dutch interior brand that truly expressed class. And Rivièra Maison also has lots of kitchen utensils and naturally they all match each other well.” For the living room, Miljuschka and Philip chose for the comfortable Residenza Sofa. “That sofa is so nice and fluffy! I love a more modern style and I think Rivièra Maison goes well with the diverse styles of today ... and the quality is really good as well!”

For the question, “What does your ideal day look like?”, Miljuschka didn’t have to think for long. “Sleeping in for sure! Then having a nice breakfast with the whole family, followed by slow cooking for the rest of the day. Making wonderful stews and cakes and then spread over the whole day. And in between playing fun games with my children.” Miljuschka gets her inspiration for meals from everywhere. “I’m lucky to be living on a farm, so I can harvest lots of products from the land, from apples and pears to plums, eggs, and even nuts.” So there’s always plenty for her to bake with.

“I really love the process of baking. It’s a kind of magic: you put products in a bowl and then in the oven, and out comes a totally different product. It’s always very special!”

To say that Miljuschka has a busy existence is an understatement. To de-stress, she often takes a walk in nature with the kids and her partner. “And I’m also doing something new these days! I’d never expected that I could de-stress myself like this, but to totally switch off for a while, I train for an hour three times a week I then I put my telephone away, really away, and for me that’s when it’s all about me for a while.”

Miljuschka’s studio is in the new home and she works a lot with her partner Philip, which makes her house a big part of her work as well. Keeping work and private life separate is one of the greatest struggles in her life. “I am my business and all the deals I make naturally have my face on it. That’s why it’s great that I can do a lot from home, because that means you really have the homeliness that food stands for.

But it can be tough sometimes!” Luckily, the house is big enough that the children are not bothered by it. They have enough room in the front house, and they had a tree house built for that very reason. “This way they always have a place to retreat to and do their own thing”.

For Miljuschka, the ultimate home feeling is the whole family sitting at the table. “My children are now at the age that they say very funny things, so it’s really jolly around the table. And that’s one of the few moments that the telephone is put to one side, so we can really enjoy each other and wind down”.


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No bake cheesecake
in a glass


– 300 grams cream cheese

– 100 gram whipping cream

– 100 gram sugar

– Brandy snaps (or other biscuit)

–  2 Oreo biscuits

– Berries


Mix the cream cheese, whipping cream

and sugar to a creamy mixture and spoon

into a piping bag. Take a glass and place an Oreo biscuit on the bottom. Pipe the glass half full with the cheesecake mixture.

Break a brandy snap (or other biscuit) in pieces and sprinkle in the glass. Pipe the glass full with the cheesecake mix. Decorate with berries

and another Oreo to finish it off. Enjoy!