This colourful collection knows all about perfectly translating the feeling of spring to your interior. Floral patterns and soft colours adorn the Fabulous Flora collection, with which you can create an oh so romantic atmosphere. Combine with golden details and lovely soft scented candles for an extra feminine touch. And as summer soon comes to an end once more, this collection is ideal for holding onto that summer feeling for as long as possible!


Rose and gold are a match made in heaven in de Fabulous Flora collection. The black accents in the accessories lend a contemporary feel to this romantic collection, which has it combining well with any interior.

Luxury Resort Soap Dispenser

Luxury Resort Bathroom Cup

€ 22.95

Fabulous Flora Pillow Cover Pink

60 x 60 cm

soon available

RM Lovely Perfume Bottle

soon available

RM Spray Milano 200 ml

€ 34.95

Mercer Mirror

€ 189.00

The Residence Clock