In a predominantly machine manufacturing world, Rivièra Maison’s USP is to keep producing handmade products. In doing so we retain our unique style and personality that can be found back in each and every product. Place ten of the same candlesticks alongside one another and they will all differ slightly; that is the appeal of Rivièra Maison. Perfectly Imperfect! Every product is made with the same enthusiasm but attaining uniformity is impossible ... which is, in fact, the draw. Resulting in a unique product, time and again.

The renowned rattan products that Rivièra Maison creates its recognisable ambience with are the perfect

example of Unique & Handmade. Rattan is a 100% natural material and twines up colossal tree trunks in the Indonesian Kalimantan jungle. A great deal of

craftsmanship comes into play in the production of the furniture in our collections. During the monsoon season, twines up to 5 or 6 metres long are harvested from the vines. The rattan

lies in mud baths for a few weeks, creating the beautiful grey hue. After that the twines are selected by colour and thickness to be plaited into furniture and accessories. The rattan is finished in small Javanese villages. It’s quite an

impressive sight seeing a village full of hanging rattan, ready for the new Rivièra Maison season’s collection.

Our superb wooden dining tables were formerly shed doors. The wood is treated to subsequently be incorporated into the tables by hand. ‘It truly is ‘living’ material with its own particular character and beautiful properties. Craftsmen call it ‘untouched’, because the wood is untreated and nigh on in original condition. Now there are holes where once the hinges were. Splits in the antique doors become splits in the table-top, and a door that always stood open to theelements is different in colour to one that mostly stood dry and/or in the sun. Pure nature, old and well-worn; that’s what we prefer to work with. Moreover, sustainability is a crucial mainstay to Rivièra Maison, and by working in this way we can make optimum use of recycled wood and so

be more environmentally aware.

The glass accessories in our collections are handmade too, or rather, are mouth blown. Each glass blower has their individual ‘signature’. Each glass accessory obtains its unique structure and perhaps a minor imperfection, such as a bubble in the glass or a difference in height. Everything is handmade, making each glass accessory unique. Our earthenware production is perhaps the most exceptional. In Indonesia, or West Java to be precise, the earthenware accessories are made according to traditional methods. To start with, models are turned and cut by hand. Then it takes a week to dry them out of doors. The accessories are subsequently

sanded down to make them as

smooth as possible.

The firing process then begins. U-shaped kilns are built with bricks. The earthenware is stacked inside these primitive kilns. They have no door; the opening is bricked in by hand. The oven is stoked for around 16 hours at around 900 to 1000°C. Then the bricked-in opening is broken open to remove the models. So, a new kiln is constructed for each new production run. The hard clay models are sanded down again to

make them smooth enough to paint and decorate. Sometimes a leather or rattan handle is added to a lantern or flower pot. All this work by hand means no two items look alike. Every earthenware item in

the Rivièra Maison collection features its own unique detailing: the charm of the Far East.